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III% United Patriots of Virgina

Fireside Chats Ep.2: John Pruitt, leader of 3UPVA

John Pruitt took the reins of III% United Patriots of Virginia a few years ago because he was the only member.  He grew the organization to well over 2000 active members.  III% United Patriots became the largest Patriot Organization in the Commonwealth.   John was the son of a 1%’er and grew up with is his […]

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BFD by Indian Creek Designs

So recently I had a lot of requests to go over something different for my reviews. Going into this I have seen that what was always being requested, and that was a muzzle device for a AR 15. I found that there were many different things that could be used for an AR, but what […]

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Flag at half mast

Gun Grabber Fails! New LEGAL AP 9MM!

Legal armor piercing 9 mm rounds, New “Red Flag Laws” in South Carolina, Virginia gun control bills fail, and Shot Show 2019! Check it out below.

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Miner Ammo .223 , Is it worth the buy?

Back at it again is Miner Ammo. This time I had the chance to shoot their .223 at 55 grain. As previously written before in my last review, this company has produced a good amount of various calibers for the shooter. When it comes to this caliber,  I went over the same tests that I […]

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New Product Release by Alpha Omega Kydex

This just in from the company out of Texas known as Alpha Omega Kydex. The owner of the kydex holster company known as Alpha has just announced the release of a new product that is being offered by the company. The product that will be released from the company will be a range belt fit […]

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Alpha Omega Kydex

Concealed carry is something that many individuals living in the United States have the great privilege to do. For many, we see that there are different types of holsters that are offered for the consumer. I admit I tried what feels like every holster on the market. They all feel the same, and yet they […]

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90 Days To Give Up Your Rights

You have 90 days to give up your rights! Turn in your bump stocks! ———————– Support Me! ————————

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Timney Triggers , Here We Go!!

When it comes to building, and upgrading a rifle. The first thing that comes to mind is what kind of trigger can I put into my rifle. Many people ask this question, and many people have different answers. Some people will say just change out the springs and polish the triggers. Others will give you […]

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