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Fireside Chats Ep.10: Kaleb Hill of The Three Percenters Original

Kaleb Hill is the National leader of The Three Percenters Orginal. The Three Percenters Orginal is one of the most substantial III% organizations in the country. If you saw a story on the news about Three Percenters than chances are you have seen their website since the media seem to lump all Three Percenters together. […]

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Fireside Chats Ep.2: John Pruitt, leader of 3UPVA

John Pruitt took the reins of III% United Patriots of Virginia a few years ago because he was the only member.  He grew the organization to well over 2000 active members.  III% United Patriots became the largest Patriot Organization in the Commonwealth.   John was the son of a 1%’er and grew up with is his […]

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We are live! The Patriot News Podcast!

Call in at (657) 383-1090 The leftist violence continues.  A teenager got beat up for wearing a MAGA hat.  There was a clash between our friends Patriot Prayer and the alt-left group Antifa in the streets of Portland.  What can we do to stop the leftist agression?  Are we too far gone, and on a path […]

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NFL New Rule on kneeling during the Anthem

            In 2016 quarterback of the 49’s Colin Kaepernick started a protest that was felt by millions. He started his protest by kneeling and saying it was to protest police brutality in the United States. He has had an out crying of support but an even larger back lash from the American people who support […]

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