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The X10 making you a better shooter?

            Training and practice are requirement for anything that a person may want to do. To be a better runner there are strict training regiments that must be followed. To be a good shooter or event competent then training needs to be done. Now the average family man may not be able to dedicate whole weekends to training classes. You may also not be able to shoot as often as you’d like. I have a very young family and a pregnant wife, making time to go to an indoor range or an outdoor range is not always feasible. When I was offered a chance to review the Mantis X10 trainer I jumped on it.

            In the box one will find the charging cable, the X10 mantis training device and a few tool and parts for adding it to a rifle and a sticker. It comes in a semi-hard case making it hard to damage, without an intentional effort.

The device connects to an application that can be easily found and downloaded from the Apple store or Google play store. The X10 comes with a variety of training sessions on the application that are started and recorded through the Bluetooth training device. There are many trainings that the mantis systems have, but the X10 being the most expensive should come with something that set it apart from the Mantis and they have the differences between each one listed on their website here.

I got mine out and set it up and started going through the application. There is a lot to take in but it has a great BPM or Basic Pistol Marksmanship course it will take you through. This course is very simple and straight forward. It did show me a lot of issues that I have had but wasn’t sure how to deal with. I put the X10 on my CZ SP01 as it is the only handgun I currently have with a rail, but it is also one of my two daily carry pistols.

Starting off and something I worked with nearly daily was the open training and benchmark. These two were my commonly used parts of the application as they helped me focus on my trigger finger and firing consistently and accurately. I also worked regularly with most of the other applications. While the application has many advantages that put it a cut above a laser pointer taped into a dummy round, it also comes with a number of flaws.

While attempting to work with the 1s Cadence fire with dry fire, I was only able to get 5 of my shots recorded consistently. The 2s Cadence was much better for me and I was able to spend a good amount of time with it in double and single action.

When it came to magazine reloads, I had a few issues getting it to recognized that I dropped the magazine and loaded a new one. More than half the time I was unable to get it to register the release and loading of a magazine.  The final issue I came across was when I was shooting it with dry fire. Going from double action to single action it sometime would read me pulling the hammer back as a shot fired. This would usually take my average shots of 86-90 to 29 or less. This made me delete some of my trainings as it wasn’t an accurate representation of my skill or give me a way to help me fix my issues. I am unsure is this is an issue with Glock striker fired pistols as the releasing of the slide is much heavier than the pulling of a hammer.

In the end, even with the flaws the Mantis X10 is the best on the market. If I had to give it a rating an 8/10. This system is worth the $250 asking price and is definitely worth the extra training I’ve been able to put in. I have always been a bad shot, now? I am a better, average shooter working my way up slowly. The Mantis X10 can be found here.

Donovan Mullen

Donovan Mullen

Co-Founder and Editor Donovan Mullen served 5 years in the US Army with 1 combat deployment to Kandahar Afghanistan. He has been shooting since he was 10 years old. He is a staunch 2nd Amendment supporter and believer in the Constitution. He prefers handguns and the AR Platform but is moving slowly into long range ARs and bolt guns. He likes to pull the trigger fast and believes in the machine gunners mantra: Accuracy by volume.

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