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Month: May 2018

Preview: Shak Hill, Roseanne getting fired, and SCOTUS protects 4th Amendment rights.

Shak Hill will be joining us on this episode of the PNP.  Shak was a pilot for the USAF, He is a book published, and is running for the 10th district Republican seat in Congress against Barbara Comstock.  We will dig into what makes him tick and why he wants to run for Congress. Also […]

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Fitness isn’t fun, but it’s essential

By Russ Haynes I frequently encounter people in the shooting sports that carry every day for the purpose of protecting themselves, their loved ones, and if needed, total strangers. Some of these people I have met during classes, which they attend because they are serious enough about their decision to seek high quality training. But […]

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Students for Trump Endorses Nick Freitas for U.S. Senate

CULPEPER, VA – The student-led, grassroots organization Students for Trump has endorsed Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas for U.S. Senate. The organization’s founder and Chairman, Ryan Fournier and National Communications Director, Mia Chamberlain, have also individually endorsed Freitas. “Nick Freitas is a true patriot who will be a fighter for President Trump’s agenda in the U.S. Senate. […]

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Stewart to Hold Press Conference Outside General Assembly on Obamacare Expansion Today

Woodbridge, VA — Republican candidate for U.S. Senate and Chairman of Prince William County Board, Corey Stewart, will be holding a press conference on the vote to Expand Medicaid in Richmond today. The press conference will be held outside of the Capitol at 1000 Bank St, Richmond, VA 23218 at 3:00 PM. Corey Stewart Press Conference Outside of the Capitol 1000 […]

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We Need Roseanne!! Enough Leftist Bias!!

After some rather bad taste but accurate and funny tweets from Roseanne Barr about one of Obama’s old advisors Valerie Jarett, ABC has decided to cancel the newly revamped and extremely popular T.V. show “Roseanne”. A lot of us remember the old show for the quirky antics and random shots at whatever political platform was […]

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Stewart to Host Events in Virginia Beach Today

Woodbridge, VA — Candidate for U.S. Senate Corey Stewart will be campaigning in Virginia Beach today, May 29th, at a “Shoot & Greet” and a rally to “Support President Trump’s America First Agenda”. Please contact Matt Brown at or 804-229-0196 for questions or to RSVP to attend. Virginia Beach Shoot & Greet Superior Pawn & Gun – off […]

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