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Guntec A2 style Front an Rear sight review

In this day and age of electronics and gadgets, sometimes the sense of something simple brings a bit of pleasure to your life. I have run multiple optics on my guns. I have run the Aimpoint patrol rifle optic on my M4 and the Trijicon ACOG in the Army. My personal rifles I have run […]

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Indian Creek Design BFD

The BFD (Blast Forwarding Device) by Indian Creek Designs out of the box was simple and easy to install.  Instructions were clear and it just took a little elbow grease to put on.  It uses the existing flash suppressor along with a screw on attachment to hold it in place.  As you can see from […]

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Condition 1 Cases The Better Option

When it comes to choosing a case to protect your gear I simply cannot recommend a better option than a Condition 1 case. The overall bang for your buck is rather amazing to say the least. Customers want to make a solid investment to protect their other investments but they do not want to pay […]

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The Tactical Industry and the Erosion of Constitutional Rights

Earlier this week, a Facebook post by the Oregon City Police went viral and resulted in severe backlash to the knife company Benchmade. Right up front, I want to restate, as I have in the past, that Green Eye Tactical trains RESPONSIBLE citizens. That is how I look at it. I don’t care if you […]

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Condition 1 Case 227 Review

            When it comes to the topics of cases for guns, everyone has an opinion, everyone has a budget. If someone were to go online and look around, there are dozens of companies. But there is one that stands out to me. Condition 1 cases. Not only do they have a case that is comparable […]

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Anti-racism protest

Racism in America

Here we go again. Recently an actor from the show “Empire”, scheduled to be written out of the show, was brutally attacked by a couple of Trump loving, Make America Great (White) Again, Racists men! Appalling! Wait . . . They were black? They claimed they were paid by the actor? The police no longer […]

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Condition 1 Model 253 Case Review

Around Christmas time I received a solid size box from Condition 1 Cases. In the box, there was a Model 253 case. Included were a set of TSA approved locks. Now Condition 1 cases are known for firearm security. As a contributor to the Liberty Report, I have a few articles on firearms but a […]

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MDT Adjustable Core Competition Chassis

Everyone I am sure has heard the phrase “pounds equal pain” and it certainly applies however, when it comes to precision shooting sometimes lighter rifles equal recoil pain. I have been to the ranges several times just for practice and free shoot days and 300-500 rounds is never out of the question for a single […]

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The 1st Amendment is under attack

Like many other Americans, I have seen the writing on the wall. Free speech is and has been under attack for some time now. Most recently it began with creating buzz words that paint a negative picture of a previously acceptable subject matter. Honest and open discussion has taken a back seat to political correctness. […]

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