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Nick Torres

A Grip by Brooks Tactical

With this review, I got the chance to give this new grip for my Glock 19 a shot. The company is called Brooks Tactical. The company really isn’t that well known when it comes to their image with the public, but I was more than excited to give them a shot when it came to […]

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Tango Down Film

Suicide is something that plagues the military community more than anything. Chances are if you are in or from the military, we all have heard or experienced some sort of instance where a fellow veteran has taken their own life. The number of veterans taking their own lives each day is staggering to say the […]

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Arc Division 9mm Compensator

Finally after so much needed thinking I became apart of the group of people that had upgraded their Glocks. I’ve done a few things to upgrade my Glock 19 such as a new barrel, slide cuts, a red dot, and now I have added a compensator to the build. This is something that I have […]

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United R&D Slide Work

Everyone loves the fact that they are able to make their Glock 19 look fancy. Whether it is customized slide cuts, new barrels, cerakoting, compensators, etc. There is a large number of different things that you are able to do when it comes to Glocks. When I first started buying Glocks I never really had […]

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New Product Release: Active Carry Technologies

It’s looking like Active Carry Technologies has yet again decided to pump out a new product for their IFAK line. As we know from previous articles, this company has made a reputation for making different types of medical kits. These kits are known for their multi-purpose capabilities. A lot of people use them for tactical […]

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Multi-Caliber Stock featuring Guntec USA

Not too long ago, I got the chance to be able to run a new stock on one of my rifles from Guntec USA. This is one of their stocks that are deemed multi caliber. When it comes to multi caliber stocks, I have found that usually they are made to fit one specific caliber […]

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