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Apex, The trigger for perfection

            When it comes to changing triggers out on Glocks, I count myself an in-home expert. I have spent countless hours changing out springs and bars and connectors. Some of the kits I have used have been an all in one. But this time I had something a bit new to me. An Apex action enhancement trigger for my Glock 48. Now the Glock 48, 43x, and 43 are different from the standard Glocks as they are part of the slim line series.

            Just like most of my Glocks, I have heavily modified them and my 48 Is no different. A threaded barrel and eventually a new set of sights. But the trigger was something I needed to change. The Apex action enhancement trigger kit for the slim line Glocks is very simple. There is a new aluminum trigger, trigger bar and connector.

            Before doing anything with your firearm, make sure it is unloaded. Once I confirmed this, I took the slide off my 48. This is where things got annoying, the slim line Glocks are slightly harder than the standard Glocks. After a few videos and a lot of patience, I was able to get the pin out and start the change out. Once I finally pulled out the trigger housing, it was simple to replace. Getting the trigger and the trigger housing back in was easier than getting it out.

            I spent the next hour dry firing the trigger. While I do not feel that it changed the pull of the trigger, it definitely smoothed out the trigger pull and reduced the reset. At the range I ran 300 rounds through the 48 and spent a majority of the time testing the trigger and its reset. I highly recommend this trigger for those wanting to a smooth out the trigger and reduce the reset it is for you. Coming in at $124.95 from here. I think everyone needs to get their hands on this trigger.

Donovan Mullen

Donovan Mullen

Co-Founder and Editor Donovan Mullen served 5 years in the US Army with 1 combat deployment to Kandahar Afghanistan. He has been shooting since he was 10 years old. He is a staunch 2nd Amendment supporter and believer in the Constitution. He prefers handguns and the AR Platform but is moving slowly into long range ARs and bolt guns. He likes to pull the trigger fast and believes in the machine gunners mantra: Accuracy by volume.

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