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Hit Arms Laser Bullet, A Positive Dry Fire Tool.

So, having my experience on laser bullets limited to just boresight lasers to assist in dialing in optics I was pretty stoked to see this new adaptation. So essentially the casing is the same outside diameter as standard live ammunition this particular unit is a 9mm. I can tell you that if you are into […]

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Mantis X Weapons Performance Training System

Let’s face it, nobody likes to miss targets at the range in front of all your friends. The Mantis X shooting performance system is just what you need to get some solid live feedback without wasting tons of money in ammo. At first, I was pretty skeptic about it reporting from the Mantis X sensor […]

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Training to improve

As a member of the firearms community there is one topic that is constantly on the mind of many, and that is training. Individuals are always looking for different ways that they are able to improve the abilities of their craft. For those versed in this craft we know oh so well, training must be […]

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If you can be, be the buddy with a range…

As some of you may know I have my own slice of paradise and set some of it to the side for shooting range use. My range itself has been more of a labor of love for myself and my friends that help me maintain it and it definitely gets well love with shooters. My […]

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