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Author: Wray Haynes

Co-Founder Patriot News Podcast Wray is a hard working, hard living USMC vet originally from Erie-ish PA, now residing in the Tidewater region of VA. POG as fuck, he could outshoot most grunts. He’s seen more death and tragedy than Hollywood would believe. Living the dream is more, Nightmares are dreams too bitch. His cynical demeanor belies a positive outlook and critical thinking. Known for his use of the work !@#$, %^&#, and his favorite &%#!@$%, he’s actually kinda smart. Look for mo

SCOTUS makes asinine ruling. SHOCKER.

By Wray Haynes This week SCOTUS dealt a terrible blow to working men and women everywhere.  They ruled that nonunion/represented salaried employees cannot sue for back wages, unfair treatment, and other employer offenses via class action suits.  Using the Federal Arbitration Act of 1925 to replace and supersede the 1935 National Labor Relations Act they […]

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SCOTUS and Congress. Time to make a change.

By Wray Haynes Opinion This week, the Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from the 9th circuit in California.  This case and this decision could spell the end the of gun stores in California and sets a showdown for other decisions to conflict.  It is a dangerous precedent to be sure. This decision, while […]

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SCOTUS actually stood by the constitution and states rights! Hot Damn!

By Wray Haynes In a somewhat surprising move, SCOTUS stood with the state of New Jersey in striking down federal laws regarding sports betting. Stating that the states need to decide whether or not they approve or not of sports books, they reverse the ruling from several years ago. Now, Nevada isn’t as special, and […]

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