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  • Liberty Report Live: The Mueller Report
    Bill Barr released a memo saying no collusion and no evidence of obstruction of justice.     What is fallout?  
  • Liberty Report Live: March 23rd - The Mueller Report
    What can turn a hero of the Democrats into a villain?  No indictments.  Was this all a waste of time?  Pretty much. 
  • Trench Work Chronicles Episode 33: Ashley Hlebinsky Interview
    This week for part 5 of our Womens history month series Shoot Like A Girl series is Ashley Hlebinsky. Ashley has tons of experience within the firearms industry from Histortian and Museum Curator for Cody Firearms Museum to Co-Host and Judge of DIscovery Channels Master Of Arms. join us as we unpack her history with […]
  • Welcome the new wild west.
    We have Austin Jones on again.  He talks about how the round and legal process is going.  We discuss the Florida raid that caught up Robert Kraft.  Was it legal?  Was how they identified him legal?  Questions abound.  Pelosi said Trump isn't worth impeaching.  What? WHAT? WHAT?!?  Our favorite punching bag AOC objects.  Her approval […]
  • Fireside Chats Ep. 7: Michael Sodini of Walk The Talk America
    Support the Podcast at: Brought to You by XTech Tactical. Check out XTech Tactical at Michael Sodini is a former Abercrombie & Fitch model and the President and owner of Eagle Imports. Eagle Imports is the importer of brands such as Bersa, MAC, and Llama. They are one of the biggest gun companies in […]
  • Gun News for March 18, 2019: The Remington Lawsuit and the NZ Shooting
    Support the Podcast at: Brought to You by XTech Tactical. Check out XTech Tactical at The Remington lawsuit is thrown out.  If this was allowed to proceed it could have enabled people to sue car manufacturer if a car gets stolen and used in a crime. Russ breaks down the legal aspects. Should we […]
  • Trench Work Chronicles Episode 32: Cheryl Todd Interview
    Joining us this week for part 5 of Shoot Like A Girl is Cheryl Todd owner of AZ Firearms and Co Host of Gun Freedom Radio. We'll be discussing her history in firearms, how GFR came to life and all of the hard work she does to protect our Second Amendment.
  • Lawsuits Galore, The Constitution Reigns Supreme, and More!
    Kentucky is now Constitutional Carry.  Epic Win. PA is trying to pass draconian gun laws.  Epic Fail. Remington can now be sued for "marketing to bad guys".  Fail. Florida is pondering legislation making it illegal for kids to pose with guns.  Fail. And a surprise about what happened in Richmond.  Gitmo may […]
  • Fireside Chats Episode 6: Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter
    Support the podcast: Brought To You By XTech Tactical.  Check out XTech Tactical at Visit Franklin Armory at for the best binary triggers in the market.  Use code "liberty" to get 10% off! Maj Toure grew up Philadelphia.  He kept seeing people getting arrested for the same gun charges because they did […]
  • Trench Work Chronicles Episode 31: American Gun Chic Interview
    This week for part 4 of Shoot Like A Girl we will be joined by American Gun Chic for a great discussion to talk about multiple topics like her history with firearms, her music video,the current vibe of the 2A culture, and the importance of Firearms ownership for women.