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About Us


Who We Are

We are a group of writers, videographers, and podcasters.  We are from varying backgrounds and beliefs. The one idea we share is the belief in the constitution and the free exercise of our rights.

We feel the need for a media company that comes at the issues from this original constructionist standpoint.  We also source all our articles.  All views are those of the writer, but the facts are sourced and accurate.  We believe it is better to report the truth and get beat to the story than be the first to report "fake news."

Our Story

It started out with the push for YouTube to remove gun channels.  We knew our days were limited, but how would users be able to find us if our channel is removed?  We decided to move to our own website with a feed back to YouTube.  If YouTube deletes the channel we would be able to move to another video platform without missing a beat by just updating the feed information.

This sounded great, but some other friends had a Podcast and felt trapped on their platform.  We figured we could us the same plan for them!  Now they are free.

Around the same time some writers wanted to leave their current site so we decided to open up the website for them as well.  Our chief editor writes for a massive site so he can bring that knowledge to help writers grow.