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Apex Tactical FN 509 Long Slide

Meandering through the Apex Tactical Specialties facility, I peered over to a workbench and did a double take. There sat Apex’s long awaited proprietary FN 509 complete upper assembly. “Can I see it?” I asked, like a wide-eyed little kid in Santa’s workshop. “Go ahead!” laughed one of the owners, Scott Folk. 

There it was, machined to perfection. Apex’s new FN 509 upper conversion kit includes an extended slide and five inch barrel. The slide provides a longer sight radius (6.79” compared to the factory 5.79”) and is lightened to maintain the approximate weight of the factory slide. The initial release will include an optic cut for the Trijicon RMR and possibly other red dot optics. The slide will also be available without an optic cut. Apex will offer their stainless steel slide kits in a variety of finishes including: white (blasted stainless), black (Nitride), and possibly FDE (PVD coating). 

Yet, what’s more important is the functionality and durability that Apex is known for. “We’re finishing up proofing with 16,000 rounds and our signature drop tests”, Scott explained.  Apex does a minimum of 26 drops from 6 feet and multiple angles to ensure that their products are safe for consumers. The price point for the base model will be approximately $600.00 and it should hit the market around the second quarter of 2020.

Jessica Campbell

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