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Fireside Chats 20: Dr. Miguel A. Faria Jr.

Support Independent Journalism Dr. Miguel A. Faria Jr. was born in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba. His parents were members of the Revolutionary Directorate (DRE) under Rolando Cubela. The DRE took part in the Cuban Revolution to overthrow Fulgencio Batista. After the revolution, Faria and his family saw the true nature of communism. Under the watchful eye […]

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Dope or Nope, Velocity Triggers?

How good are Velocity Triggers? Liberty Report’s Nick Torres takes one for a spin and gives it an honest review! USE CODE LIBERTYREPORTNICK FOR 10% OFF

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We all get caught up in newest craze. Whether it’s in a second amendment community, Off road builds, or any other hobbies we must have a rabbit hole money goes down. My rabbit holes are fishing, 2A, and off-road radio-controlled trucks. Yep. RC. People have told me, “You can’t spend that much on a crawler! […]

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Fireside Chats 19 Kevin Dixie of NOC Firearms

Like and Subscribe Support Independent Journalism Kevin Dixie is a firearms instructor and a student of history. He has spent his life trying to educate others about the Second Amendment and gun safety. He also has a non-profit mental health organization. Join The GOA for $10 Off!: Support Me: Cool Gear: My Journalism: […]

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Gun Grabber Fails! New LEGAL AP 9MM!

Legal armor piercing 9 mm rounds, New “Red Flag Laws” in South Carolina, Virginia gun control bills fail, and Shot Show 2019! Check it out below.

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