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Day: September 10, 2019


We all get caught up in newest craze. Whether it’s in a second amendment community, Off road builds, or any other hobbies we must have a rabbit hole money goes down. My rabbit holes are fishing, 2A, and off-road radio-controlled trucks. Yep. RC. People have told me, “You can’t spend that much on a crawler! […]

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Agilite: Provider for the IDF and for us all.

This time in my reviews I have had the opportunity to review a product from a Company that supplies directly to the IDF. Agilite, known for all types of gear that is used in the Israeli Military has sent me a helmet cover. Now I know, when it comes to Agilite we have seen the […]

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Gun News: Roanoke Gun Violence Task Force

Like and Subscribe Support Independent Journalism Matt “Cowboy” Ballard gives up an update on what is going on with the Roanoke Gun Violence Task Force. He shares the good. the bad, and the misinformation. Join The GOA for $10 Off!: Support Me: Cool Gear: My Journalism: Social Media:

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