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We all get caught up in newest craze. Whether it’s in a second amendment community, Off road builds, or any other hobbies we must have a rabbit hole money goes down. My rabbit holes are fishing, 2A, and off-road radio-controlled trucks. Yep. RC.

People have told me, “You can’t spend that much on a crawler! You only take it on a trail!” Well, hold my beer. I honestly don’t know what I have spent in the last YEAR on this hobby. All I know is my baby girl loves to drive daddy’s trucks. My wife yells at me bi-monthly for, well, we all know why.

The newest craze was put out in RTR form (plug in a battery and go) by Axial. They put out a 6×6 Unimog that is honestly really awesome looking. Another well known company, Traxxas– known for the Slash, XMaxx and TRX4, one upped them significantly. The TRX6, based on a licensed G63 AMG 6×6 body was introduced.

I am a sponsored RC driver and was lucky enough to get a conjugal visit with my TRX6. Yes the rabbit hole struck again, this time at White Rose Hobbies LLC. It has the same basis as the original TRX4, locking/unlocking differentials, a 21T motor, and 2 speed transmission. The Traxxas G63 AMG 6×6 has a full frame. The truck is a monster, measuring in at 24″.

Well, how is it? It takes a ton to impress me. I own or have driven so many crawlers on the market that a box stock truck needs to be really capable for an article to be produced. On a 3s lithium polymer battery the box stock TRX6 is a gloriously built specimen that surprised even me. Tight turns aren’t ideal, but its still better than other stock trucks on the market. It has plenty of speed and given the opportunity, will get air! The Traxxas TRX6 G63 AMG 6×6 is a perfect trail truck.

The cost is $600-$620 plus tax and you get the 2nd rear axle and prewired light kit. The kit includes already installed headlights, side markers and tail lights. There’s also a light bar on the roof. Licensed Mercedes Benz rims and unique tires are part of the package as well. There is no question this truck was well thought out.

Instead if buying another Glock, Sig, or CZ to add to the already 6 handguns that sit in the safe, think about an RC. Kids love them. They can be played with at a park or on a trail. Heck, even tying a rope to a wagon and pulling the little ones with the RC, I promise, will make you a hero in their eyes. This is a hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

At the time of this articles writing they are still only available for presale at your local hobby shop.

Michael Cummings

Michael Cummings

Michael Cummings is a drivers education and World History 1 teacher at IDEA Public Charter School of Washington DC. He is also a second amendment advocate pushing for the training and competencies regarding firearms in all opportunities.

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