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Fireside Chats Episode 1: Firearms Writer Christina Delia

Welcome to the first episode of Fireside Chats. This week I talk to firearms writer and social media influencer Christina Delia who is better known as Tap Rack Blonde about being a woman in a male-dominated industry. We find out here background and everything she does in firearms. -————————— Support My Work […]

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Flag at half mast

Gun Grabber Fails! New LEGAL AP 9MM!

Legal armor piercing 9 mm rounds, New “Red Flag Laws” in South Carolina, Virginia gun control bills fail, and Shot Show 2019! Check it out below.

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Miner Ammo (9mm/124 Gr)

Ammunition is something that many people have specific preferences for when it comes to what they want to use in their firearms. Personally, I have never used anything other than Federal Ammunition. Not too long ago, I had decided to branch out and try out different companies that produce ammunition. Being that this was new […]

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CZ Omega Lok-Grips, A Solid Grip Purchase

Obviously at some point in time in every shooters conversations you will hear the words “I liked the pistol but, it didn’t fit my hand right”. Honestly, I have heard it hundreds of times but not many people go to far in depth as to why. For me the factory CZ-75 Omega grips simply did […]

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The Geronimo Trigger By Airborne Arms

The Geronimo trigger is definitely a trigger you simply must run for yourself to truly appreciate. Honestly at first glance I thought it was just a slightly modified factory trigger it didn’t have a lot of the initial wow factor in my opinion. But during the initial inspection of the trigger I started to realize […]

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Local Veteran Owned Gun Shop Making Waves

When it comes to those companies that are in business with the 2nd Amendment community, there is nothing better than supporting those veteran-owned businesses. We all love to support our brothers and sisters, and the endeavors that may be in their future. This is why I would like to take some time to talk about […]

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Smoke Composites Carbon Fiber Parts review

Carbon fiber is a lightweight material used for a variety of products and has been a staple in the firearms community for years. We’ve seen it on holsters, pistol grips and many other parts. But there is one company making waves with carbon fiber. Smoke Composites is making products made completely out of carbon fiber. […]

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Introducing My Daughter To Her First Rifle Build

As I was shooting out about 300 yards my then 8 year old daughter came from behind the line of fire with her ear protection on and eye protection. She sat and listened to me shooting and kept hearing the ping of the bullet hitting the steel targets. She began asking me questions on how […]

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MDT A Side Folding Precision Rifle Chassis!

The side folding chassis are very quickly becoming the new hottest craze in the precision rifle scene. So, picking out the right chassis with all the options that will suit all your individual needs has became rather hit or miss type situation. Let me be up front and honest MDT has you covered in a […]

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