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Condition 1 Does it again

Condition 1 cases have proven themselves again and again in my eyes. I was sent the 44” Shotgun and rifle waterproof gun case #229. This case is huge, I was able to successfully and comfortably fit my 10.5in AR15 5.56 pistol and 18in 350 Legend rifle into the case with both the brace and stock […]

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Real Avid Pivot Pin Tool Review

When it comes to building ARs, I have been known to use very crude methods. My first build on a polymer lower (I have long since removed that from my builds) I used a framing hammer to get the roll pins installed. I have been known to use rolls of duct tape and many other […]

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Lok Grips CZ-75B Veritas Aequitas Grips

When it comes to grips, I was unversed until I got my CZ-75B. I have learned how to shoot handgun on the Army’s Beretta 92FS or M9 and my old Glock 22, now my 34. I decided to trade my Glock 22 a few months ago for a CZ-75B. It came with a set of […]

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Gucci Glocks Functional or Not?

A little back story to this article, I generally shoot with a pretty big circle of friends so as with any group of shooters we sometimes shoot each others firearms and within my circle of friends who shoot the basic Glock 19 is the most prevalent pistol used. You see it is relatively common among […]

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Smoke Composites Carbon Fiber Parts review

Carbon fiber is a lightweight material used for a variety of products and has been a staple in the firearms community for years. We’ve seen it on holsters, pistol grips and many other parts. But there is one company making waves with carbon fiber. Smoke Composites is making products made completely out of carbon fiber. […]

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