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Day: September 11, 2019

DoorJamm: Opening Doors for All First Responders

Doors are something that can be beneficial to individuals when it comes to certain emergencies. With the benefits to just about everything, there are certain drawbacks that go hand in hand. With this in mind, we see that it could impede on the time it takes for first responders to reach the area that they […]

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50 BMG Raffle for Freedom Hunters

So here is the details on the Barrett raffle. ALL the proceeds goes to freedom hunters, a non profit organization that takes military folks on FREE hunting and fishing trips across the country. Freedom hunters has NO paid staff, strictly volunteers only. 99% off all donations go to getting military folks out in the field hunting […]

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Dope or Nope, Velocity Triggers?

How good are Velocity Triggers? Liberty Report’s Nick Torres takes one for a spin and gives it an honest review! USE CODE LIBERTYREPORTNICK FOR 10% OFF

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