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90 Days To Give Up Your Rights

You have 90 days to give up your rights! Turn in your bump stocks! ———————– Support Me! ————————

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Voice Your Outrage Over the ATF’s Threat to AR-15s

By Erich Pratt Please click on the Take Action button to contact the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Tell them their proposed rule is fatally flawed, and will lead to a ban on semi-automatics, in addition to the existing ban on bump stocks. Not a GOA member yet? We need you more than ever […]

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Bump Stock Regulation is Far Broader Than What’s Advertised

Dear Friend: There are now just over two weeks left to comment on ATF’s proposed regulations ban on bump stocks and semi-autos. For starters, the proposed regulations would ban bump stocks outright — and turn gun owners who fail to comply as instant felons. It would do this by classifying bump stocks as “machineguns.” And, […]

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