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90 Days To Give Up Your Rights

You have 90 days to give up your rights! Turn in your bump stocks! ———————– Support Me! ————————

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Washington State red flag laws concern gun rights activist

Seattle Washington – One year ago, Washington State passed a “red flag” law. These extreme risk protection orders (ERPO) allow the police to seize guns from lawful owners for up to one year with the court’s approval. The gun owner does not get to testify on their own behalf before the order is granted. The Washington […]

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Open Letter to Politicians, School Officials, and Parent

By Michael Cummings Opinion This is an open letter all politicians, school board members, principles, teachers, and parents. It seems like every week we’re hearing news of some sort of school shooting. Parkland, Santa Fe, and shooting outside my own school at IDEA Public Charter School are all travesties.  Realistically, Parkland could have been avoided.  […]

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Opinion: What are Red Flag laws

Opinion By Matt Ball Red Flag laws,  what is it?  Why is it sweeping the nation,  one state at a time? Let’s take a look. Red Flag laws, otherwise known has Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) or Gun Violence Protection Orders (GVRO). Are the newest tactic to get guns out of people’s hands.  “Leave my […]

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