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Condition 1 Cases The Better Option

When it comes to choosing a case to protect your gear I simply cannot recommend a better option than a Condition 1 case. The overall bang for your buck is rather amazing to say the least. Customers want to make a solid investment to protect their other investments but they do not want to pay […]

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Condition 1 Case 227 Review

            When it comes to the topics of cases for guns, everyone has an opinion, everyone has a budget. If someone were to go online and look around, there are dozens of companies. But there is one that stands out to me. Condition 1 cases. Not only do they have a case that is comparable […]

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Fireside Chats Ep.2: John Pruitt, leader of 3UPVA

John Pruitt took the reins of III% United Patriots of Virginia a few years ago because he was the only member.  He grew the organization to well over 2000 active members.  III% United Patriots became the largest Patriot Organization in the Commonwealth.   John was the son of a 1%’er and grew up with is his […]

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8PM EST – Trench Work Chronicles Episode25: Kevin Dixie interview pt.3 THE TRUTH

Call in to speak with the host (657) 383-1090 This week we will be joined by a fan favorite, one of the most respected OGs in the 2A Cultutre, founder of No Other Choice firearms training, Kevin Dixie to discuss his new signature firearm THE TRUTH and how this inspirational project all came together.

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Interview with Austin Jones of Atlas Arms

                        Here at Liberty Report, we hold libertarian values in the highest order. Part of that is finding ways to legally route the laws that have plagued the firearms community.  Over the last decade we’ve seen new technologies come forth that have changed the game on how firearms are developed and used. We have seen […]

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Patriot News Podcast

We talk about the Life of Bush Sr. Trump may be impeached over preelection shenanigans.  We discuss odds, likelihood, and how it’s possible. We talk about Kavanaugh’s accusers recanting, and the possibility of prosecution. Double Jeopardy is possible, pending a SCOTUS ruling. A bill presented to strip funding away from Saudi Arabia for the Kashoggi […]

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