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Fireside Chats Ep.10: Kaleb Hill of The Three Percenters Original

Kaleb Hill is the National leader of The Three Percenters Orginal. The Three Percenters Orginal is one of the most substantial III% organizations in the country. If you saw a story on the news about Three Percenters than chances are you have seen their website since the media seem to lump all Three Percenters together. […]

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Fireside Chats Ep.2: John Pruitt, leader of 3UPVA

John Pruitt took the reins of III% United Patriots of Virginia a few years ago because he was the only member.  He grew the organization to well over 2000 active members.  III% United Patriots became the largest Patriot Organization in the Commonwealth.   John was the son of a 1%’er and grew up with is his […]

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