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United R&D Slide Work

Everyone loves the fact that they are able to make their Glock 19 look fancy. Whether it is customized slide cuts, new barrels, cerakoting, compensators, etc. There is a large number of different things that you are able to do when it comes to Glocks. When I first started buying Glocks I never really had […]

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New Product Release: Active Carry Technologies

It’s looking like Active Carry Technologies has yet again decided to pump out a new product for their IFAK line. As we know from previous articles, this company has made a reputation for making different types of medical kits. These kits are known for their multi-purpose capabilities. A lot of people use them for tactical […]

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Going Vertical with J&E Machine Technologies

So thanks to Tac Pak, I was able to get my hands on a pretty nice accessory for my rifle. What I am going to be talking about in this article is a vertical fore grip from J&E Machine Technologies. When it comes to fore grips I really never had the chance to put one […]

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GunTec USA MLOK Rail

Everyone likes to upgrade their rifles, no matter what it is. Whether it is the triggers, stocks, rails, muzzle breaks, etc, there is always something that someone can do in order to make sure that they have the best in upgraded parts for their rifle. Not too long ago, I had went to my FFL […]

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New Jersey is back at it!

We all know that when it comes to the State of New Jersey nothing good comes from it here when we are dealing with firearms. Many different laws have been passed and even more are being proposed. As of last year when the newly elected Governor had begun the his campaign to destroy what remained […]

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BFD by Indian Creek Designs

So recently I had a lot of requests to go over something different for my reviews. Going into this I have seen that what was always being requested, and that was a muzzle device for a AR 15. I found that there were many different things that could be used for an AR, but what […]

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