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Multi-Caliber Stock featuring Guntec USA

Not too long ago, I got the chance to be able to run a new stock on one of my rifles from Guntec USA. This is one of their stocks that are deemed multi caliber. When it comes to multi caliber stocks, I have found that usually they are made to fit one specific caliber […]

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New Jersey is back at it!

We all know that when it comes to the State of New Jersey nothing good comes from it here when we are dealing with firearms. Many different laws have been passed and even more are being proposed. As of last year when the newly elected Governor had begun the his campaign to destroy what remained […]

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BFD by Indian Creek Designs

So recently I had a lot of requests to go over something different for my reviews. Going into this I have seen that what was always being requested, and that was a muzzle device for a AR 15. I found that there were many different things that could be used for an AR, but what […]

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