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Blue Alpha Gear – Low Profile EDC Belt

Who else needs a ridiculously slim EDC belt?

I bet you are thinking that this can’t be worth reading about..but it is! The Blue Alpha Gear low profile EDC belt is now something I could literally use daily, regardless of what I am wearing. I want everyone, including females to know about it!

Like most of us I have a multitude of belts now, even a double rig. I was hoping that this belt would also find its purpose in my collection. Being a female, I have shoes and belts for specific outfits and occasions. I needed a belt that I could use for concealed every day carry. We all know how Nylon belts can be bulky, and then when you add a buckle they just get bigger. If you are a female like me and have a small frame, you know how bad printing can be. Not with this belt my friends.Belt Image

So I always try wearing my carry and duty belts around before I actually add a firearm or accessories. Wearing a belt always changes they way a pair of pants fit and feel, and frequently restricts your movements. I wondered if it would be stiff enough yet comfortable so I certainly put it to the test. I tried wearing this belt with basic jeans, 5.11 Raven Range Tights and even some TDU cargo pants.

Belt Image


Each time I wore this belt it was easy it was to wear and function in. At 1.5′ the width of the belt wasn’t too large, it was stiff but not to the point where I felt restricted or uncomfortable. Comfort is certainly a big part of what I look for in apparel along with the fit. Sizing seemed to be on point to me. I know my waist size, and allowing a +1 or -1 I had no issues with choosing my size using the chart provided.

Belt Size Chart


Made with two layers of nylon webbing, the layers are sewn together with nylon thread. The low profile polymer buckle is exactly that. It’s durable enough to have the longevity needed but small enough that it isn’t noticeable.

Belt Image

Complete with a “no questions asked lifetime warranty” and made in the USA! Just take a look if you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself!


Belt Image


Christina Delia

Christina Delia

Female shooter who has been actively shooting for 14 years, eager to compete in USPSA and three gun. Model & Brand ambassador for the shooting, hunting, outdoor and sports industry for the past 4 years. Raised by a Marine father who served in Vietnam and a mother that instilled determination and intensity for life. Shot her first gun in nothing but a diaper and high heels and hasn’t turned back since.

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