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New Product Release: Active Carry Technologies

It’s looking like Active Carry Technologies has yet again decided to pump out a new product for their IFAK line. As we know from previous articles, this company has made a reputation for making different types of medical kits. These kits are known for their multi-purpose capabilities. A lot of people use them for tactical […]

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JE Machine Tec SOPMOD Stock

Many gun lovers in the country always love the fact that they can obtain specific parts for their rifles that can mimic that of a Special Forces rifle. When these individuals hear that they are able to obtain rifle parts, they jump at the opportunity. I got to admit I somewhat count myself in this […]

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Blue Alpha Gear – Low Profile EDC Belt

Who else needs a ridiculously slim EDC belt? I bet you are thinking that this can’t be worth reading about..but it is! The Blue Alpha Gear low profile EDC belt is now something I could literally use daily, regardless of what I am wearing. I want everyone, including females to know about it! Like most […]

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NFL New Rule on kneeling during the Anthem

            In 2016 quarterback of the 49’s Colin Kaepernick started a protest that was felt by millions. He started his protest by kneeling and saying it was to protest police brutality in the United States. He has had an out crying of support but an even larger back lash from the American people who support […]

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