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Snag Mag: Because the Extra Mag is Worth it

The problem when it comes to being able to carry a firearm when you are either law enforcement or an individual that lives in the free states that allow them to be able to carry all face a common problem. These individuals are limited to a certain amount of magazines that they are able to […]

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Blue Alpha Gear – Low Profile EDC Belt

Who else needs a ridiculously slim EDC belt? I bet you are thinking that this can’t be worth reading about..but it is! The Blue Alpha Gear low profile EDC belt is now something I could literally use daily, regardless of what I am wearing. I want everyone, including females to know about it! Like most […]

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Nexbelt Titan Black PreciseFit Review

A sturdy, rigid and purpose built gun belt is a key piece of gear required for anyone who chooses to carry a handgun for protection. There are many options available to consumers, many of which can be fairly expensive. Nexbelt is a company offering some interesting and affordable options that are worth taking a look at. […]

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