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Hit Arms Laser Bullet, A Positive Dry Fire Tool.

So, having my experience on laser bullets limited to just boresight lasers to assist in dialing in optics I was pretty stoked to see this new adaptation. So essentially the casing is the same outside diameter as standard live ammunition this particular unit is a 9mm. I can tell you that if you are into dry firing you are definitely going to want to hear about this! Me being a big dry fire fan I was pretty intrigued by the Hit Arms Laser Bullet within just a few minutes of having it out of the box. I am going to hit on the main hot topics down below so let’s get to the review.

                So, the packaging is definitely a “no-frills” box which I personally appreciate because I hate messing with thick plastic packages. First things first, I am going to stress that at a really quick glance this product can be easily mistaken for live ammunition so remove all live ammunition before handling. After removing the laser bullet from the bag it comes in take a peak at the provided instructions and remove the little round plastic piece from the battery compartment. This will allow the batteries to make proper contact and activate the laser when the trigger is depressed. A simple twist to tighten the two halves of the laser bullet and you are ready to begin use.

                I found the Hit Arms Laser Bullet to be rather helpful when it came to doing holster drills primarily just to draw and have a visual aid on the target was great. So, if you have a rather busy schedule this product will help you greatly in between range trips. The accuracy was a bit off around 2-3 inches at 7 yards so what I done was cut a 10 ring off another target and applied it to the dryfire target I was using. It is not the laser itself that is off though it is the unsupported chamber in the glock pistol I was using as the ejector was pushing the laser bullet itself a tiny bit (I did verify the accuracy of the laser in a S&W performance center 9MM revolver and the accuracy was phenominal). I was in contact with Hit Arms when I discovered the discrepancy and they have just released a new upgrade that will correct the accuracy issue.

                All in all, I consider the Hit Arms Laser Bullet to be a huge advantage in the dry fire market due to the quality of it as well as the price. Which is right around $50ish depending on where you pick it up which is considerably less then say a Mantis X system. At the end of the day when it comes to dry firing for me the product must justify the cost as far as use and capabilities and I feel both have been met after over a 1,000 dry fires with this unit. After many chats with Hit Arms I am very excited to see where this company goes and am certainly looking forward to new products. Hopefully after they perfect the laser reactive targets I can buy a few for some more thorough training! You can check them out here.

Roger Frame

Roger Frame

Co-Founder Roger is a retired 100% disabled army veteran that is an avid 2nd amendment supporter. He enjoys long range shooting, pistol shooting, and the AR/AK platforms. He also enjoys collecting guns and doing firearm/gear related reviews. Always looking to obtain more knowledge in the firearms industry and have a good time doing it. He keeps his opinion non-biased and as accurate as possible. With a solid arsenal available for reviews and a private range he can evaluate items rather quickly.

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