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Matchpoint USA EDC backer Review

The Matchpoint USA EDC Backer & A.M.P. (Accessory Mounting Plate) does not disappoint. As a holster maker I love the challenge of new and innovative ideas and products. Ideas come and go and many times they evolve into something amazing. The Matchpoint products out of the box have a professional look, feel, and quality about them. So what are we waiting for let us dive right in!

First the A.M.P. It is made of a plastic but, super rigid! This thing is tough. 1/8” thick it is a solid platform and it utilizes the honeycomb pattern for strength as well. What is really impressive is how strong the built in belt loops are. I know all of us use different belts. Personally I like to blend in and not give away that I am concealed carrying. So, I use a Beltman belts reinforced leather gun belt as my base platform. Initially putting on the AMP on the belt took a good minute but, once it was on it was ON! There was no movement at all. This is important no matter what you are carrying you do not want one ounce of movement. That little bit of movement can be the decisive split second you needed to get an advantage. The Sheath that I have for my knife never moved! When drawing it the AMP never moved and the draw was clean and quick. I am confident that when I test it on the vertical platforms as well it will work without flaw. The rigidness’ of the system does not allow for movement. Even with how ridged it is it was comfortable in the small of the back even while sitting and driving.

Second the EDC Holster Backer. There are two versions. One is the full wing and one is a partial. The Full Wing is what I tested with one of my Glock 19 Kydex Shells. This coupled with a few J hooks made this platform amazing. SUPER thin design less than 1/8” it molded and formed to my body even better than leather. There is no need for a break in period like leather. The thing I find interesting is that it is rigid yet form fitting. Hard to believe you can find a backer that will outperform leather and do that! The thickness being thinner makes a difference with printing and placement on the body. It sat in the 4 o’clock position clean and tight. The J Hooks allow it to be tuckable. Now, what I did not show you is there are Belt Loop accessories that allow you to wear it OWB and not just IWB. I LOVE Modularity! So, it allows me to have an IWB, OWB platform and if I changed pistols for whatever reason I can easily change out the outer shell pocket. What a value! They also did a fine job with the solid part (non-holed area) that acts as a sweat guard. That is super important and keeping your gun dry not from just a cleaning and operational perspective but, it keeps sweat off the slide if you need to rack it.

One other neat feature was the rigid aspect also provides positive retention. It is difficult to make a positive retention or adjustable retention holster with a leather backer. This backer allows you to adjust the retention on the outer shell and it will keep your gun snug and secure.

I know I have hit a lot of the positive features that I like about the Matchpoint backers however; there are a few things that I see that would be an improvement moving forward. One is the EDC Backers. The holes are too far apart. If they were as closer like on the A.M.P. that would be great! I had difficulty matching up the Kydex shell to a suitable hole without canting the pocket out of position for my draw style. The other aspect more of a product 2.0 version would be on the A.M.P would be a longer version of it. Currently they are 6” of attachment area. I would LOVE to see a 12 to 18” version. This would allow someone to put mag carriers on, knives, tools, ect attached and just two belt loops to have to hit and it can wrap around the back like a duty belt. Overall I would still give this product an A+ for innovation, design, and capability.

I am going to experiment further with more attachments and locations on the body or gear to see how you could also use them in other aspects. I do look forward to seeing a second product line coming out with more enhancements to an already great product.
In Conclusion, the product allows for ambidextrous use.

You can use it with multiple shells for different pistols. The AMP allows you to use your imagination on how you want to set up your gear. The belt loops give you a great option for OWB however; I used non-company’s belt J hooks (still worked great) to run the IWB version. I would recommend this product to other makers and individuals that want options.

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