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CrossBreed Holsters: It’s the Reckoning

I have to say that when it came to my Glock 19X, I needed to find a holster that was comfortable and I could train with for when I travel to States that allowed open carry for, “ Non-Residents.” The holster system that I had found was from the company known as CrossBreed Holsters, is […]

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Matchpoint USA EDC backer Review

The Matchpoint USA EDC Backer & A.M.P. (Accessory Mounting Plate) does not disappoint. As a holster maker I love the challenge of new and innovative ideas and products. Ideas come and go and many times they evolve into something amazing. The Matchpoint products out of the box have a professional look, feel, and quality about […]

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Ultimate Hybrid Holster

      I have always enjoyed hybrid holsters, so when I got the opportunity to check out the Ultimate Hybrid tech I jumped at the chance. Right away I noticed it was very different from the other hybrid holsters I had used before. It seemed obvious there was extra room in the holster to […]

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Alien gear Shape shift review

As many of you all know I have a pretty moderate holster addiction I am currently at about a hundred holsters in my collection from about 40 to 45 different manufacturers ranging from off the shelf to custom kydex/leather. I firmly believe that there is a holster for every pistol that will make carrying that […]

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Tailored Kydex Solutions, A Great Choice for Holsters

Pay attention now because this is not another company with a heat gun burning their fingers making amateur/mediocre holsters. Chris puts some serious thought and effort into his designs and out of the 60 or so holsters I have this is one of my new instant favorites because it is done correctly. His entire line […]

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