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Liberty Report, 3UP, Patriot News Podcast. and NRA are teaming up!

Yes you read that right!  The NRA and Liberty Report are teaming up to keep the lights on!  A really cool thing is that they are offering our readers, listeners, and viewers a great opportunity to join up and save money at  the same time.

Right now our Second Amendment rights are under attack on all side!  We need people like you to join the fight through organizations like the NRA and Gun Owners of America.  They are also going to supply us with materials for 3UPVA‘s quarterly free shooting class.   Also we have a little side project going on that will be announced that we use those materials.  3UPVA will also give out firearms guides, guides to your rights to everyone!

the 3UPVA goal is shared with Liberty Report.  We want to convert people to Constitutionalist via the shiny object as guns.  We thank the NRA for help us out and thank all pro-2A groups such as our friend at, the NRA,  GOA and, and NAGR for fighting the good fight.  Now go join!


John Crump

John Crump

CEO & Co-Founder Black Swan Media Group, LLC

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