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GunTec USA MLOK Rail

Everyone likes to upgrade their rifles, no matter what it is. Whether it is the triggers, stocks, rails, muzzle breaks, etc, there is always something that someone can do in order to make sure that they have the best in upgraded parts for their rifle. Not too long ago, I had went to my FFL and bought a new Colt M4 rifle. In one of my last articles, I had talked about switching out my stock to a better stock that would help work with my performance during the course of me shooting, and that would provide better comfort than what the original stock had to offer. Now when it comes to this rifle, I had made the next step in upgrading the rifle and chose to go with an upgraded stock. The stock that I had chosen to use was from none other than the company known as Guntec USA. This company come from Arizona, and their products are all made within the United States. With this in mind, I wanted to see what they had to offer in terms of rails.

What I had planned for a rail from Guntec USA was 16.5 inch MLOK rail that had caught my eye when I was reviewing their selection of rails that they had made. Now I know when it comes to this rail it would be extending over the muzzle break a bit. So I decided to add a flash forwarder to my rifle that I had laying around in order for it to extend past the rail. A few things about this rail was brought to my attention once it was delivered to me that I believe everyone needs to be fully aware of.

Barrel sitting evenly in the middle of the rail.

First and foremost the rail itself is set at a pretty decent price. It’s not too expensive, but since it is made in the United States I don’t made the price tag being just above 100 bucks. My initial thoughts of the rail when I received it was that when the order was placed it came at a pretty decent speed. I didn’t have to wait long at all for the rail and other parts to come in, which deserves good remarks from me. I find that when it comes to a speedy delivery the company shows that it does care about giving a solid customer service.

Installation of the rail wasn’t hard at all. When it came to the installation process I had to make sure that everything was aligned, insert a set of screws around the base of the rail to set it in place and I was done with the installation. I did have to grind down a bit of the gas block just to make sure that the rail would slide over it without any problems, this wasn’t a fault of the rail I had used the gas block from the M4 originally so I had to grind it down to make sure it fit.

Rail being fitted over barrel

After taking my rifle to the range I had put a lot of rounds through the rifle. The rail did stay in place as I continuously spent magazine after magazine. The screws did do their job in keeping the rail secure and didn’t move once.  I will say that there are some notable remarks that I have when it comes to this company. When it comes to the rail there are two different styles that are provided. I had chosen MLOK for personal preference , but Guntec USA does offer their rails in Keymod for those who prefer that that over MLOK.

When it comes to my final thoughts on the rail, I would have to say that the quality is up to par on my standards. Installing was easy, and I had no problems with the rail moving at all when it came to live fire drills. The fact that these products are made in the United States is something else that is great as well, I always love to purchase items that are made within the country.

Nicholas Torres

Nicholas Torres

Nick is a Marine Veteran and an avid shooter. Nick works constantly in order to preserve the Second Amendment along with everything else that the Constitution provides to the American people. His preference is the AR-style platform, but he won't hesitate to pick up any type of firearm and put it through its paces at the range.

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