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As a member of the firearms community there is one topic that is constantly on the mind of many, and that is training. Individuals are always looking for different ways that they are able to improve the abilities of their craft. For those versed in this craft we know oh so well, training must be an essential part of the daily routine. Whether there is a need for an improvement on marksmanship, or to continue to finely tune a detrimental skill set learned previously. There is always something that can be learned in order to keep you in the fight , and set the pace for the outcome of the situation to fall in your favor.

For individuals in this community, we see that there is a large need for courses that focus on certain skill sets. Through extensive research on this topic, I have found a company that is able to provide an excellent source of training that individuals either require or desire. This company is called War Hogg Tactical.
I happened to stumble upon War Hogg Tactical by chance. Deciding to watch a few videos that had been made available on the website, I took the initiative to learn more about the company, which is ran by 29 year U.S Army Rick Hogg. Speaking to Rick, I had learned a great deal on the background of him, and what he brings to the table. Rick’s background in training is extremely impressive , which is an SF Urban Tactics instructor prior to 9/11.

His training was praised by individuals that had been taught under him. Speaking to him, he stated that he was a believer in the basics, and that without a solid foundation you have nothing. Along with the basics, he tends to focus his training on what individuals need to improve on.

Furthermore, when it comes to the availability of training that is given to the general public, I believe that War Hogg Tactical is the company that will pave the way for the industry. The experience that is being utilized during the course of instruction is extremely valuable due to the background of the Instructor. War Hogg Tactical, is able to provide the students of its course, with the most up to date training that had been proven effective in scenarios, outside the course in real life.

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