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Month: January 2020

Dark Storm Industries : Typhoon 15 ” Non-NFA Firearm”

I have had the chance to shoot a lot of different types of firearms when it came to me doing my reviews. I had the chance to shoot rifles, shot guns, pistols, etc. This time around I had to shoot something that really caught my eye. This time around a Non-NFA Firearm came from a […]

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Blue Alpha Gear: As Good as You Think?

When looking for a sturdy, low profile conceal carry belt, there is a wide variety of options out there. Where do you even start looking? Personally, I start looking locally or made in the USA, but that usually means a higher cost. I was quickly frustrated searching the web trying to compare prices, customer reviews […]

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Clean Water ? No Problem!

When it comes to survival there are plenty of things that you need in order to survive. Whether you are in a situation where you are cut off from a clean water supply, civil unrest, camping , natural disasters, etc; clean water is an absolute must in order to survive. Survival that is the most […]

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