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Dark Storm Industries : Typhoon 15 ” Non-NFA Firearm”

I have had the chance to shoot a lot of different types of firearms when it came to me doing my reviews. I had the chance to shoot rifles, shot guns, pistols, etc. This time around I had to shoot something that really caught my eye. This time around a Non-NFA Firearm came from a […]

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HighCom Body Armor

Body Armor has sparked a debate amongst the people of the country ever since the Democrats decided it was time to put forth some type of restriction on it when it comes to the purchase for civilian use. In a previous article, I had expressed my viewpoints on why I believe body armor should be […]

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Cannatech Labs: Perform

Cannatech Labs has brought to the table something that really has begun to make waves in the health community when it comes to supplements for those who go to the gym on a regular basis. I have found that there are a good number of companies in the health industry when it comes to supplements. […]

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Bac-Off: Alternative Snuff for a Healthier Future

I have seen a lot of things that are used when it comes to overcoming tobacco addiction. Individuals all over the country try different things that either pass or fail. I have had the chance to go over a Snuff Alternative that I believe is truly paving the away for individuals that are trying to […]

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Recover: By Cannatech Labs

Coming out of Colorado, there is a protein supplement from a company known as Cannatech Labs. Now you have heard when it comes to Cannatech Labs that they infuse CBD in their products. This is something that had really piqued my interest when it comes to supplements. We all know that there is a good […]

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