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Clean Water ? No Problem!

When it comes to survival there are plenty of things that you need in order to survive. Whether you are in a situation where you are cut off from a clean water supply, civil unrest, camping , natural disasters, etc; clean water is an absolute must in order to survive. Survival that is the most […]

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Little River Customs: Craftsmanship You Deserve

I have found that there are a lot of different things that I can write about when it comes to my articles. There are veteran ran companies, firearms, survival gear, politics, etc. The list can go on forever, but today I will be writing about a company that I have been following on Instagram for […]

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ACW Tactical: MAC-Gyver Kit

Recently, I have got the chance to review a company known as ACW Tactical. The product that I have received from them is known as their “Mac-Gyver” kit. Now when you hear the name MAc-Gyver if you have ever watched the original show or the remake of the show, you will know that Mac-Gyver is […]

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HighCom Body Armor

Body Armor has sparked a debate amongst the people of the country ever since the Democrats decided it was time to put forth some type of restriction on it when it comes to the purchase for civilian use. In a previous article, I had expressed my viewpoints on why I believe body armor should be […]

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Agilite: Provider for the IDF and for us all.

This time in my reviews I have had the opportunity to review a product from a Company that supplies directly to the IDF. Agilite, known for all types of gear that is used in the Israeli Military has sent me a helmet cover. Now I know, when it comes to Agilite we have seen the […]

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