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Clean Water ? No Problem!

When it comes to survival there are plenty of things that you need in order to survive. Whether you are in a situation where you are cut off from a clean water supply, civil unrest, camping , natural disasters, etc; clean water is an absolute must in order to survive. Survival that is the most important thing that I have come to work on in this world. There are a lot of different scenarios that I may find myself in one day, and to be able to have something to allot me clean drinking water is something that I find extremely important, so when My Patriot Supply gave me the chance to review their, “ Alexapure Water Filter,” I immediately knew that this was something that I needed to test right away.

What’s so special about a water filter?

Water Filtration is something that many individuals need to take note of when it comes to emergencies such as natural disasters, survival emergencies in the wilderness or general well being. In order to survive we need to be able to have clean drinking water. Since water is something that we are absolutely dependent on, making sure that it completely free of foreign contaminants takes top priority on your list.   

Included in this I will be adding from the website additional information that will provide an in depth analysis of the Alexapure

  • Key features to the Alexapure Filter from the Website
  • Filter capacity of up to 5,000 gallons*
  • Uses as many as 4 filters at once
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Pre-primed filters 
  • Easy assembly, low maintenance
  • Gravity powered, no electricity needed
  • Extended filter life with daily use
  • Replacement filters are simple to install
  • Spigot provides instant access to pure water
  • Raw water capacity: 8.5 liters (2.25 gallons)
  • Fresh water capacity: 8.5 liters (2.25 gallons)
  • Stored height 14″
  • Top chamber 10″
  • Lower chamber 10 1/8″
  • Assembled 21 1/2″ to top of handle
  • Top opening 8 1/4″, largest diameter 8 7/8″

What do you like about the Alexapure?

Looking at the Alexapure, I would have to say there are a few things that I found to be great when it comes to the product. The first is that when it comes to putting the product together. The process was quick and simple, and I assembled it in no time at all. Following this is the capacity of the water filter. I found that when it comes to the filters capacity, it was definitely more than enough at a time when you are using it on your own. I drink about half a gallon of water a day so this definitely holds me off for a few days which I find to be extremely beneficial. The next thing that I would say that I like about it is that it doesn’t need any sort of power connected to it to work. Gravity is used to drip the water through the charcoal filter and drop down into the clean water reservoir. The fact that it doesn’t need power in order for it to work is something that I believe seals the deal when it comes to wondering what time of filtration system you should get. ( Let’s face it if you need a water filtration system, most of the situations that you may find yourself in, the power supply may be down.) 

Overall Opinion on the Alexapure?

When it comes to the Alexapure, I would have to say that this is extremely convenient for what it does. Clean water is something that we all need, and even though products such as the Alexapure comes with a price tag that is over one-hundred dollars, I believe that it is something that everyone should invest in. 

Nicholas Torres

Nicholas Torres

Nick is a Marine Veteran and an avid shooter. Nick works constantly in order to preserve the Second Amendment along with everything else that the Constitution provides to the American people. His preference is the AR-style platform, but he won't hesitate to pick up any type of firearm and put it through its paces at the range.

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