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Author: Jaymz Cervantez

Jaymz is a medically retired Infantryman that was able to attain the rank of Sergeant. He has since graduated from Sonoran Desert Institute with an Associate in Science of Firearms Technology and plans to work on a Sociology degree next. He is passionate about well-constructed gear, military firearms, and firearms safety.

SSP Eye Protection: Clear Quality

SSP Eye Wear is quality without the cost. I am very impressed with the features of the Methow kit as it included two nose pieces, six different lenses in a variety of tints, a retaining strap, microfiber cloth, and a rectangular rigid case for storage. The lenses and frames are z87+ rated, meaning that they […]

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Cryptic Coatings BCG: More Than Just Looks

I glanced through Cryptic Coatings website to see why my brother was so intent on buying one of their bolt carrier groups. I wondered to myself on how these can be better than a standard BCG. I had only ever used a standard BC, usually a Colt and I KNEW it worked perfectly well. Could […]

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Talon Retention: A Strong Hold of the Standard

  Open the safe, press check my Glock 19, test the TLR-1 HL light, and then insert it into the holster. Button down my flannel and then do a few practice draws. It is a routine that I follow on an almost daily basis to ensure that everything functions before I head out of the […]

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The Perpetual Assault Against the Second Amendment

By Jaymz Cervantez Does the Second Amendment still have a place in today’s society? The question alone is enough to cause a civil conversation to turn into a full-blown fist fight. To fully understand the question, we must understand what the second amendment is and how it is being impacted during the Trump administration. The […]

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The Battle Belt: What You Should Know

By: Jaymz Cervantez Let’s Jump into This I am going to do my best to keep this intro short as there is a lot to cover. A battle belt is one of the more recent tactical trends that started in the military and made its way to the civilian world. It consists several major parts, an outer […]

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Review: Ryker Nylon AFAK

By: Jaymz Cervantez Rising from the Ashes On the night of October 1st, 2017, the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival was in full swing. With performances from up and coming artists, all the way to heavy hitters in the industry like Jason Aldean, the night was sure to be one to remember by everyone who attended. When bullets […]

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TLR 1 HL: More Than Just a Budget Light? 

By Jaymz Cervantez There are many novice shooters, first time gun owners, and Fudds who all have a misconception that a weapon mounted light will hurt you more than it will benefit you. They tend to think that the light will betray you and allow the menace of society to get the drop on you. […]

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Who’s on First? Who’s on Second?

Opinion By Jaymz Cervantez In the past month or so there was an image floating around, largely on the Facebook page, “The Gun Collective”. The image showed Tim Kennedy during a podcast interview with Lance Armstrong saying, “…yeah I believe gun control is a massive solution, I don’t think a 19-year-old kid should have access to an AR-15, I don’t.” […]

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