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Author: Christina Delia

Female shooter who has been actively shooting for 14 years, eager to compete in USPSA and three gun. Model & Brand ambassador for the shooting, hunting, outdoor and sports industry for the past 4 years. Raised by a Marine father who served in Vietnam and a mother that instilled determination and intensity for life. Shot her first gun in nothing but a diaper and high heels and hasn’t turned back since.

XTech Tactical – Grips, Extenders and Kits Oh My!

Its the little things that make you smile, and XTech Tactical has the bare necessities… Let me introduce you to XTech Tactical if you aren’t already acquainted. Carrying a multitude of of items their website sells everything listed below. I was able to snag a few of their items to check out including the adjustable […]

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Blue Alpha Gear – Low Profile EDC Belt

Who else needs a ridiculously slim EDC belt? I bet you are thinking that this can’t be worth reading about..but it is! The Blue Alpha Gear low profile EDC belt is now something I could literally use daily, regardless of what I am wearing. I want everyone, including females to know about it! Like most […]

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Ultimate Hybrid Holster

      I have always enjoyed hybrid holsters, so when I got the opportunity to check out the Ultimate Hybrid tech I jumped at the chance. Right away I noticed it was very different from the other hybrid holsters I had used before. It seemed obvious there was extra room in the holster to […]

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5.11 Female Wyldcat Pant Review

    I am already a fan of 5.11 gear and women’s apparel. So when I when I was in Vegas last January I jumped at the chance to go to their store. I wanted try on some things in hopes to find some more pants I could use at the range and for a few […]

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Mental health, depression and its future with firearms

A stigma, yes or no? As someone who struggles with anxiety, depression and O.C.D. I find mental health becoming more and more important to discuss. I know what I go through, the question is how much of the world sees and understands what people with these afflictions endure? Someone who suffers from a mental health […]

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California Gun Purchase

80-year-old California man shoots burglar

By Christina Delia In the late evening Tuesday, May the 22nd 80-year-old Tuolumne California man whose name hasn’t been released shot and injured 29-year-old Bryce Lawrence. A noise was heard next door in his unoccupied rental unit, the elderly man and his wife armed themselves and went next door to investigate the noise. After entering […]

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We the People, are failing our children

In the wake of the most recent mass shooting event Friday at Santa Fe High School in Texas, there will certainly be more talk of gun control. Additionally, the hype surrounding mental health and if it played a role in in today’s horrible incident or others in the past. I find myself wondering if its […]

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