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Open Letter To Vox Media

Black Swan Media Group, LLC
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Black Swan Media Group, LLC (BSMG), the producers of, Patriot News Podcast Network, and Black Swan Media Video Channels condemn Vox Media for their blatant attempt to silence independent Journalism.

What started as a crusade by Vox Media employee and former Media Matters employee Carlos Maza to pressure YouTube to ban comedian Steven Crowder for hurting his feelings turned into a battle against all independent media sources. Maza, who called for physical violence against conservatives, has a history of trying to deplatform other media members and has a track record of lousy reporting.

BSMG believes Vox Media, which is funded by NBC Universal, used Maza's crusade to push Google to demonetize independent and smaller creators on their video sharing site. Vox was successful. YouTube removed 1000s of smaller creators from its partner platform. Overnight these journalists lost their income stream.

Sites like Vox and others that mainstream media fund is losing money at a record pace. Creators like Crowder and Tim Pool are seeing their viewer numbers exploding. This attack isn't about trying to silence conservatives. It is about losing market share to independent news creators.

Maza believes that he and others like him should be the gatekeeper of the narrative. BSMG believes in giving information to the reader and letting them decide the story. Vox Media is moving into dangerous authoritarian territory. Those that control the information rule the world.

It is imperative to financially support independent creators like Crowder and Tim Pool to ensure independent media do not disappear from the Internet. Censorship and deplatforming are dangerous, and we must not let it continue.

John Crump

Roger Frame

Donovan Mullen
Co-Founder/Editor & Chief

Nicholas Torres
Director of Operations

John Crump

John Crump

CEO & Co-Founder Black Swan Media Group, LLC

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