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Review: Timney Remington 700 520 CE-A Trigger

By Roger Frame

Recently, I contacted Timney Triggers and got one of these 520 CE-A triggers to review and I have to say I am absolutely blown away. Between the aesthetics and options of trigger shoes and super low pull weight and lack of trigger creep this trigger provides I am beyond astounded. I have tried some of the new big names that are coming into this market but they do not hold a single candle to this trigger you can definitely tell Timney has the experience and completely dominates the precision arena hands down.

Being a long range precision shooter for a few years now I have learned to interpret good stuff from bad well more or less sub-par stuff from top quality and performance. See, theirs a reason a company can be in business for the greater part of a hundred years… it is most likely because they know what they are doing and can provide the consumer with what they want. I absolutely have to say this 520 CE-A trigger delivers in every single way for us precision shooters it is the absolute standard. The options of the three trigger shoes is absolutely stellar to be given the option between a totally flat trigger, a steady curved trigger, and the flat with a smaller lipped trigger shoe that are all interchangeable so you have the choice is a definite game changer. It puts the comfortability of the trigger into the shooters hands… where it should be in the first place in this arena.

I personally chose the flat trigger with a lipped trigger shoe for the purpose that it gave me a very consistent trigger finger placement. I understand that some people may not understand this necessity and that is ok because the people that read this understand the need to be consistent… especially at over a thousand yards. If you move just barely a half an inch on the rifle you will miss by several feet at the thousand yard target so every single advantage helps far more than beginners realize. One of the very first things a precision or distance shooter changes is literally the trigger that is recognized across the board due to the inadequacies of the factory triggers. Because, lets face it with companies trying to maximize profit well they have to lower R&D and upgrades to maintain the bottom line and make a healthy profit.

The rifle manufacturers are no longer catering to the long/precision shooters because they want to put out a “good-enough” product and sell off the name they previously built. However, with the Remington 700 being the go to standard for the action and bolt (cheaper to buy the whole rifle than parts separately) majority of shooters use that as the base and change the other 70% to suit their individual needs. Timney is making it to easy with these triggers to be a much better shot with a factory platform giving you as less user error as they possibly can with a weight of 0.5-2 pound trigger pull that has zero creep whatsoever. Literally, I would not feel comfortable either sneezing or coughing while shooting with this trigger because it will absolutely send it. However, I would recommend trying all of the trigger shoes to see what fits you best considering they include all of them with the purchase.

In conclusion, if you are in the market for a high dollar and high quality trigger that will improve your accuracy and consistency in your shooting then get a Timney 520 CE-A trigger. The learning curve is very minimal while adjusting to it and it takes so much of the user error out of the equation that if you are a serious shooter you will see tremendous benefits with it. For just $200-240ish for this upgrade there is literally no other option that will help you improve your shooting style or accuracy. I can not recommend this trigger enough to be honest… it has changed my entire shooting style as I am a flat trigger shooter. With very few trigger companies catering to us you should go with the most experienced and most dedicated of the bunch! Check it out you will absolutely never regret it.


Roger Frame

Roger Frame

Co-Founder Roger is a retired 100% disabled army veteran that is an avid 2nd amendment supporter. He enjoys long range shooting, pistol shooting, and the AR/AK platforms. He also enjoys collecting guns and doing firearm/gear related reviews. Always looking to obtain more knowledge in the firearms industry and have a good time doing it. He keeps his opinion non-biased and as accurate as possible. With a solid arsenal available for reviews and a private range he can evaluate items rather quickly.

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