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Hero Stephen Willeford to Speak at GOA News Conference

Austin, Texas – Gun Owners of America will hold a news conference to represent the voice of grassroots gun owners in responding to the horrific attack in El Paso. On Monday, Governor Abbott’s Texas Safety Commission did not initially include any group advocating in favor of gun rights. This omission was an affront to millions of […]

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                Saturday was kind of warm out (the outside temperature was somewhere in the neighborhood of about 100—which, if you live in Texas, that IS “kinda warm”). This month is pretty special to me because my 15-year-old daughter is visiting from upstate New York (yeah, she really would rather live here—see, New York, not everyone […]

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10 Dead in Santa Fe, Texas high school shooting

Today in Santa Fe, Texas at Santa Fe High School. A shooter entered the school around 0730, gun fire was heard outside the school. The shooter than moved into the school, reports from fellow students state that he started with an Arts class and moved on from there. Later reports stated that the shooter was […]

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