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XTech Tactical Grip

Here at Liberty Report, we are no strangers to the company XTech Tactical, a few of us had the opportunity to review them in the past. This time around I have the pleasure to be able to review a pistol grip for the AR-15 platform courtesy of the monthly subscription Tac Pack. Now there are […]

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Venom Defense Grips Review

            When people think of AR pistol grips, they immediately think about the standard A2 grip or the Mapul MOE, but that is where many people stop. When I first started in the AR world that is where my realm of knowledge ended. But as I moved into the AR world I started notice different […]

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Grip Print Left handed pistol grip review

            With this world of ever growing technology something always catches me off guard. When someone can take a simple picture and make it into something custom for individuals I feel like it is magic. This also applies to pistol grips, I have run many grips in my life; the standard A2, Magpul, Venom defense […]

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