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GOA Reacts to SCOTUS Denial in Kettler Case

Gun Owners of America today reacted to the Supreme Court’s decision to deny “cert” in Kettler v. U.S.—a case brought by GOAwhich was supported by eight state Attorneys General.  Following the Court’s announcement, GOA Executive Director Erich Pratt issued the following statement: “The decision by the Supreme Court to deny cert in the Kettlercase is […]

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Mental health, depression and its future with firearms

A stigma, yes or no? As someone who struggles with anxiety, depression and O.C.D. I find mental health becoming more and more important to discuss. I know what I go through, the question is how much of the world sees and understands what people with these afflictions endure? Someone who suffers from a mental health […]

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New Guy buys a Gun

Usually, when you hear “new guy buys a gun,” it’s time to run for the hills right? Inexperienced man, or woman, goes out and legally purchases a firearm, you don’t think they’d know the four basic rules one who does have the experience has. There is usually a backstory to every situation, whether you like […]

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