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Concealed Carry

GOA Welcomes Kentucky to the Constitutional Carry Club!

Springfield, VA — Gun Owners of America (GOA) today congratulated the people of Kentucky after Gov. Matt Bevin signed legislation bringing permitless carry to the Bluegrass State. Kentucky is now the 17th state to adopt Constitutional Carry. “We are very grateful to Gov. Matt Bevin for signing GOA-supported legislation allowing citizens to carry concealed without seeking […]

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Ultimate Hybrid Holster

      I have always enjoyed hybrid holsters, so when I got the opportunity to check out the Ultimate Hybrid tech I jumped at the chance. Right away I noticed it was very different from the other hybrid holsters I had used before. It seemed obvious there was extra room in the holster to […]

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Conceal Carry Leggings

Conceal carry leggings, every woman’s dream, or every woman’s nightmare? Many women love the idea of conceal carry leggings. I was given the opportunity to review a pair. This article will go over both the pros and cons of conceal carry leggings, from a women’s prospective, and from an onlooker. I will go over the texture […]

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The Perpetual Assault Against the Second Amendment

By Jaymz Cervantez Does the Second Amendment still have a place in today’s society? The question alone is enough to cause a civil conversation to turn into a full-blown fist fight. To fully understand the question, we must understand what the second amendment is and how it is being impacted during the Trump administration. The […]

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CCW in a “Gun Free Workspace”

They slipped through the rear door with precision, and utmost confidence. Upon entry they extended their collapsible batons and split the room. The two employees in the kitchen had no time to react. They now found themselves being herded to the front of the store and forced to the ground. Steel Batons swinging inches from […]

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