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XTech Tactical Joins Front Lines with Commufornia Special

February 28th, 2019 Mesa, AZ XTech Tactical, a rapidly growing innovative firearms accessory manufacturer, is now shipping its MAG47 10/30 (MSRP $29.95) as its introduction of the “Commufornia Special” magazine line. The MAG47, which has widely been established as the greatest US Made AK Magazine, is now available for those in states that currently do […]

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California Gun Purchase

80-year-old California man shoots burglar

By Christina Delia In the late evening Tuesday, May the 22nd 80-year-old Tuolumne California man whose name hasn’t been released shot and injured 29-year-old Bryce Lawrence. A noise was heard next door in his unoccupied rental unit, the elderly man and his wife armed themselves and went next door to investigate the noise. After entering […]

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