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Snag Mag: Because the Extra Mag is Worth it

The problem when it comes to being able to carry a firearm when you are either law enforcement or an individual that lives in the free states that allow them to be able to carry all face a common problem. These individuals are limited to a certain amount of magazines that they are able to hold whether they just carry one in the pistol, or they have a holster with a built-in magazine holster as well. More commonly than most we see that individuals carrying generally are carrying concealed, and the style holster that they carry are usually made for the pistol alone. Now when it comes to the individual there are plenty of ways that you can carry extra magazines. You can just leave them in the car locked in a glove box, carried in a pack, or thrown in a pocket. With all of these options that are readily available, they more than likely won’t be practical.

I have been searching throughout the firearms industry for a company that has been able to accommodate the people who carry with a way to store an extra magazine, making them readily available and practical for use. My search has lead me to a company that has been making magazine holsters that are made available for multiple makes and models of pistols. Snag Mag, a company that is US made this product believing that each individual who does carry a firearm should have at least one more magazine in their possession as a backup.

Making the decision to take the chance to be able to test out their product, I figured that when I travel to different states I tend to bring different pistols with me depending on the type of Carry laws the State’s allow. Since I have a trip coming up to North Carolina, I had decided I will be bringing my Glock 30 with me, and that was the Snag Mag holster I had wanted to use.

Going into this review of the product I had no idea about the products that this company had made. I had no individuals that I communicate within this industry that had used them before, so going into this I had no information at all when it comes to the company. This is something that I get excited about when it comes to reviews.

So diving right into this review with the Snag Mag, there are two different options that the company offers to the individual stating what side the magazine will sit on. Right-handed shooters will have their magazines sitting in the left pocket and vice versa. The company does cater to a wide variety of pistol manufacturers which allows them to cater to many different firearms owners. Some of the magazines that they make holsters come from companies such as Beretta, CZ, FN, Glock,etc. I do like the variety of magazine holsters they offer because when I travel I do not always bring the same exact pistol each time.

I decided that when it came to this review I wanted to challenge myself a bit. I am a right handed shooter so normally I would request the Snag Mag for right-handed shooters. Stepping out of my comfort zone I decided to get a Snag Mag for my Glock 30 Mag for a left-handed shooter. Drawing the magazine from the holster was pretty easy. Working on shooting with my left hand is challenging, and I haven’t had much practice with it so there was no better time than now.  There was a concern that I had in regards when it came to the Snag Mag. The concern was that when I would go to draw from the pocket, I feared that it would come out of the pocket. After drawing from the Snag Mag, I had noticed that my concerns were not an issue. I had drawn from the Snag Mag well over one hundred times, and the Snag Mag sat in my pocket without an issue. I believe that a combination of sitting in between the pocket and the retention clip that comes with the Snag Mag allowed for it to be firmly attached to my pant pocket.

Comfortability is something else that I had looked for when it came to the Snag Mag. What I do varies throughout the day whether it is driving, walking, sitting at a desk, etc. Another concern that I had when it came to the Snag Mag was that I thought it would end up being uncomfortable at some point during my day. Yet again, my concerns were proved wrong. The Snag Mag was not uncomfortable, and I barely noticed that it was in my pocket all day.

When I am shooting, I either have a chest rig or plate carrier that has the capabilities to hold extra magazines on them at all times. When I am traveling throughout the country, I know full well that I am not going to be able to walk around with either of them. So when it comes to carrying just a pistol on me, I am glad that I had the opportunity to test out Snag Mag. I am more comfortable now traveling knowing that when I am away from my gear, and only have a pistol on me; the ability to carry additional ammunition without the worry of where I am going to have access to the extra magazine.


Nicholas Torres

Nick is a Marine Veteran and an avid shooter. Nick works constantly in order to preserve the Second Amendment along with everything else that the Constitution provides to the American people. His preference is the AR style platform, but won't hesitate to pick up any type of firearm and put it through its paces at the range.

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