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Side Show by Tactishop review

The right pack is something that individuals constantly look for to suit their needs. Whether it a large pack that is able to carry a multitude of items, or something smaller. With the large amount of makes and models that are flooding the market nowadays, the options are truly limitless. For someone like me, I needed a pack that provided me with enough room to carry essentials, but also allowed me to keep my mobility in any situation that may arise.

Enter in a pack known as the Sideshow from Tacticshop. Upon ordering this pack from the company, I did my research on a few different companies with different models that were available. After I had decided to give the Sideshow a chance I had placed my order. Shipping was extremely fast from the company, which was a major factor to me in my review, for I needed the pack faster than usual.

I decided that upon writing this review, I needed to take a few days in order to utilize the pack. After all an honest review can’t be written without the use of the product before hand. So I decided to take the Sideshow out, and put it through a trial of daily stressors that it would soon find itself in.

The Sideshow from Tactic Shop in my opinion is a great bag for the minimalist. It doesn’t have a lot of space that someone who is need of the space of an item like an assault pack. The pack consists of 3 compartments in the front of the pack, along with the concealed pouch in the back of the pack. The main compartment of the pack allows me to be able to carry my Glock 19 without any problem whatsoever. The pistol is able to fit snug into the compartment without having to worry about it shaking around in my back when I move.

There is a spot as well that can hold a 7 inch tablet , that the companies description of the pack tells us as well.
In the middle compartment of the pack, is where my admiration for the craftsmanship of the pack peaked tremendously. The middle compartment consists of three slots in which you are able to insert magazines in. So for all of my fellow Glock fanatics out there , the factory magazines fit great in there for you!
The third compartment in the pack is the smallest of the four and allows for the storage of keys, along with a possible phone or wallet as well. The outside of the third compartment houses straps as well for MOLLE, which is perfect incase you have MOLLE pouches for items such as a tourniquet.

Flipping the pack over, we are able to see that last compartment on the back of the back. It spans the length of the pack , along with the width. It is ideal for those who have extra items that they would need stored .

The Sideshow from Tactic Shop, is a very well put together pack, with the needs of the wearer in mind. I am able to store the essentials of my everyday carry, whether it is used as a normal every day pack , or to store my pistol when I am on my way to the range. When it comes to recommending this pack, I believe that it is an exceptional minimalist pack, that is worthy of praise , and consideration for anyone looking to upgrade what they have now.


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Nicholas  Torres

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