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Pistol Mounted Solutions Brace Review

            AR pistols have become extremely popular, range from .22 to .308 and even more in between. There are a growing number of braces coming that are making shooting an AR pistol more manageable. There are the well-known braces made by SB tactical, Sig and KAK. They stand as the most well-known and commonly found braces, but as with any part to a firearm, there is always another company making something.

            When it comes to limited space, such as home defense keeping an extra mag readily available on a firearm can be difficult. Standard AR magazines have a few adapters to attach a magazine to one another or even attach one to a stock depending on the user’s preference. For myself when I am on the range I keep my mags in kydex pouches that work really well. But in my home, it is a different story, I will not describe how I sleep, but I think like many people I do not sleep with kydex magazines on a belt around my waist. I normally have my Glock 22 in a hidden place in my bedroom, but I have been really starting to see my AR9 as good home defense gun. I have put over 2000 rounds through it with only issues regarding ammunition not the function of my pistol. I love the reliability and I am significantly more accurate with it than I am with my Glock 22.


            While many believe that 30 rounds are enough for home defense, I believe in always having more than you need but I am lacking the ability to transport more than one magazine inside my home. I was offered a chance to review the brace made by Pistol Mounted Solutions. They have been approved by the ATF to distribute this brace. It is a brace designed to hold magazines of any size. It is also a build it yourself brace so you can set it up for your pistol. It can be set up for pistol caliber magazines, AR15 magazines and AR308 magazines. I personally went with a set up for my AR9 so I could put 3 of my 31 round ETS magazine onto my pistol.


            The actual base of the brace is made out polymer and setting up the magazine is fairly straight forward. Cutting the provided rubber tubing the lengths needed and setting them in place with the screws and Loctite is very simple. It took me about twenty minutes of work to get it put together right and that was slowed down because I put it on backwards at first, that is on me because I do not listen to instructions very well. Once it was put together and fitted properly I started running around my house with the mags loaded to test the retention. The retention is perfect if not a little tight.

            Once I got it to the range I really started to see it and its function, pulling the mags out is easy and fast and with the weight of my 9mm being a little front heavy it didn’t make it unwieldy or slowdown my basic movements. It fits well into my shoulder and is comfortable to shoot and comes up smoothly from the low ready.

            My final thoughts, I have found this product to be niche but effective within it’s niche and how it works. I have always loved puzzles and putting things together and this was a treat to me. But I do suggest following the instructions both with what came in the box and what is provided by the company online. This brace can be found on Pistol Mounted Solutions.


Company Specs

  • Super-tough DuPont Zytel polymer construction
  • Nitrided steel hardware for the ultimate in durability and corrosion resistance
  • Automotive grade tubing to prevent cracking and deformation
  • Vibra Tite thread locker to ensure your PSD and gear stay put!
  • Light Weight- weighs only 6 Oz assembled
  • Due to limitless configurations, the PSD ships unassembled to allow the user to customize the PSD for their optimal settings


This company was also set up and is run by a disabled veteran.

Donovan Mullen

Donovan Mullen

Co-Founder and Editor Donovan Mullen served 5 years in the US Army with 1 combat deployment to Kandahar Afghanistan. He has been shooting since he was 10 years old. He is a staunch 2nd Amendment supporter and believer in the Constitution. He prefers handguns and the AR Platform but is moving slowly into long range ARs and bolt guns. He likes to pull the trigger fast and believes in the machine gunners mantra: Accuracy by volume.

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