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New Jersey is back at it!

We all know that when it comes to the State of New Jersey nothing good comes from it here when we are dealing with firearms. Many different laws have been passed and even more are being proposed. As of last year when the newly elected Governor had begun the his campaign to destroy what remained of what we as Americans had of the Second Amendment. Recently, we are told that the Governor as a way of, “combating gun violence,” now has introduced more laws that will evidently destroy the remaining rights that we have.

The Governor is now picking up where he left off when he first came into office when it comes to getting what he wants. The Governor now is looking for Legislature approval in order to raise the price of owning and purchasing firearms in the state to rates so high that would destroy the wallets of the law abiding citizens. For those who don’t know, when it comes to the process in wanting to purchase a firearm, we as citizens of the state have to pay out of pocket to be able to jump through hoops. The citizens of New Jersey have to pay out of pocket a total of five dollars in order to obtain a Firearms Purchaser Identification Card. When the individual looking to purchase the identification card would finish the application, it would take in excess up to 60 days in order to be able to exercise their rights as Americans. Many Americans that reside in the State of New Jersey now are worried that when it comes to their Second Amendment Rights, the cost of their rights is about to skyrocket. The Governor plans to introduce his former proposal in order to raise the rates to what seem unethical and immoral to many.

Along with these unconstitutional law proposals that have nothing to do except threaten the Second Amendment, the Governor is also said to have now proposed even more laws at a round table meeting to “combat gun violence” in the state. Recent proposals from the Governor are electronic ammunition registration, a license similar to the firearms purchaser identification card used to purchase ammo, a license in order to inherit firearms, amongst many more that have caught the attention of the law abiding citizens of the State.

We are looking at what could become the most dangerous strike against the Second Amendment that we have seen in awhile in the State of New Jersey. When it comes to the Second Amendment we are already limited to so much with magazine bans, the right to carry essentially denied to the American people, etc. When it comes to what we are told as a way to protect the people of the state, is becoming more and more like something to oppress the people.



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